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2-phase stepper motors


Stepper motors: SM series

This is a hybrid stepper motor with a 2-phase winding. The phase connection varies based on whether the motor is bipolar 4-pole parallel connected, or serial connections up to 8 poles for free configurability.

In terms of size the motors range from 39 mm square flange and about 0,2 Nm holding torque up to 86mm and aprox. 13 Nm

According to NEMA standards, that's sizes from NEMA14 up to NEMA42.

Options: IP65 protection class, brakes och transmission can be built in for some models.



Stepper motors: FL series

Motor sizes ranging from 20 mm square flange up to 110 mm, corresponding to NEMA8 up to NEMA42. The holding torque ranges from aprox. 0,02 Nm up to about 30 Nm.

Additionally, options such as, IP65 protection class, brakes, incremental encoder and motors with attached planetary gears, are available.


Stepper motor catalogue: FL series.

3-phase stepper motors


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