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Servomotor-series: TGN

AC synchronous servomotors winded for sinusoidal current-/voltage-feed. A thin layer of neodymium-magnets provides a low moment of inertia and in extension higher acceleration. An optimised magnetic circuit and improved heat transfer, results in higher torque. Shorter stator-plates together with segmented windings reduce the volume. The result is a motor with high power density.


TGN motors are available in 7 sizes with torques ranging from 0.1Nm to 60Nm.

TGS1 and TGN2 has 6 poles, TGN3 through TGN7 have 10 poles (guarantees high stability at low speeds).

The motors are manufactured for 36V, 320V, 560V (24V for TGS1), other voltages are available as options.

Nominal speeds range from 500 rpm up to 6000 rpm. Other winding/speed alternatives are available upon request.


Flange B5, isolation class F, cooling by convection (type A), duty cycle S1 at max surrounding temperature 40 deg. C, temperature increase 110 deg., thermic protection - thermocontact (set to 150 deg. C) or a thermistor.

Holding brake optional, mounted on the back, feed 24 VDC tolerance 0-10%.


Standard feedback for TGN-motors is a resolver. In case higher precision is necessary, an encoder with EnDat or Hiperface interface is mounted. Comcoder (incremental encoder + Hall-sensor) can also be installed.

Servomotor-series: TGN with One Integrated Contact (OIC)

One contact and one cable - An important technological advance in our servomotor-program.


Feedback signal (rotor positional information) is transferred from encoder to driver through the same motor-power cable by a quick and secure digital signal.

The solution entails huge savings both in space and cable-costs. Also simplifies cabling. A 330 degree rotational contact is optional.



Motorcontacts - connection diagram Motorcontacts - dimensioning