Industrial automation

Servo- and stepper motor drives

CNC machines


CNC machines - type MW, PMS and FGS

The basic construcion is created in welded steel-profiles. In less stressed sections anodised aluminium-profiles are used.

Linear ball slide rails guarantee higher precision and movement velocity.

Ballscrew-, cog belt- or cog rack can be chosen as transmission.

Machine-control is based on standard PC connected to control cabinet with drive units, relays, etc. Movable operators panel included.

Control program works under Windows and uses the NC format from CAD/CAM (Solid Edge, Art CAM, Hyper Mill, Master CAM) and HPGL format. HPGL prepared in programs such as AutoCAD, EasySIGN, Corel Draw, SignLAB, etc.

Application areas:

Milling, drilling, threading, engraving in both 2D and 3D, cutting of foil/plate etc.

Material: plastic products, soft metals, Dibond, MDF, plate (also stainless), marbler/granite etc.

The machines can use different processing techniques or tools such as, milling cutters, disc saws, laser cutting, plasma cutting. A gas burner can also be used. Other areas of use are also actual, such as, pick-and-place, gluing, mechanical scanning or moulding of more complex shapes.

Modular construction allows a work range of over 3 m and 600 mm in height. A vertically placed table can in certain cases simplify processing of 3D products. Also, a circular feed table or an extra rotating axis can be installed on the machines.

Tillval till maskiner:

- extra numerically controlled axles for further feeding/positioning of the material

- milling tools with rotational speed regulation up to 15 kW

- oscillating cutting tools, various cutters, laser cutters, plasma/gas burners, etc.

- milling spindle motors up to 11 kW and 40.000 RPM, automatic tool-change with linear or rotating tool changer.

- tool length correction, constant allowance system, vacuum table, chip/dust extraction system, ejector cooling

- fixtures, support rails, tools, etc.

Type: MW

is intended for processing of a large spectrum of different materials through proper tools/devices. Plastics, wood, metals, stone materials are processed in 3D.

Can also be built for plasma or laser cutting (adjustment of table).

Welded steel-profiles, movable control cabinet, brushless AC-servo, Svetsade stålprofiler, fristående styrskåp, borstlös AC-servo, linear ball slide rails with reduced play, ballscrews or cog racks give high repeatability-0,005mm. Resolution in positioning-0,004 mm. 0,005 mm.

Machine options:

milling tools, spindle motor, automatic tool changer, laser-source, plasma/gas burner, tool-length measurement, EQ flatness of the surface material, extra axles (PC-controlled), cooling system, dust extraction, modular vacuum table, vertical table placement, etc.

The machines can be configured according to customer specifications.

Type: PMS (plotter)

is intended for processing of a large spectrum of different materials with milling tools/motor spindles. Plastics, foil, Dibond, MDF, wood, and soft metals are processed in 2,5D or 3D.

Can be built out to over 3 m in length and can use oscillation cutters or creasing equipment.

Welded steel-profiles, built-in control cabinet, micro-stepper motors, stepper motor drives, linear ball slide rails with reduced play, ballscrew in Z-axis, cog racks in X-Y provides a high repeatability. Theoretical resolution in positioning up to 0,005 mm.

Machine options:

milling tools, spindle motor, oscillation cutters or creasing knife, modular vacuum table for cartons with thickness of up to 12 mm, extra axles (PC-controlled), cooling system, chip/dust extraction, constant allowance system, dosage-equipment, etc.

The machines can be configured according to customer specifications.

Type: FGS

For usage in engravement, modelling, prototype or form manufacture as well as in education.

Stiff mechanical construction together with ballscrews in all axles and ball slide rails with reduced play, results in a high positional repeatability.

Positioning with stepper motors in micro-step mode gives a theoretical resolution of up to 0,0002 mm.

All electronics is placed in a separate movable electric-cabinet.

The machines control is realised through a Windows-based PC with USB-connection. The machines program works in 2D with AutoCad, Corel, Sign Lab, Easy Labb etc. For 3D, ArtCAM, GibbsCAM, EdgeCAM, MasterCAM etc. can be used.

Machine options:

spindle 0,75kW/18000rpm or 0,8kW/24000rpm,

extra axis, tool-length measurement system, allowance system, cooling, dust/chip extraction system.

The machines can be configured according to customer specifications.